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We chose our strategic partners based on the value they can bring to your business as part of our objective of implementing world class communication technology solutions. This ensures we focus on delivering optimum standards of quality and performance and can also scale our offering to meet your requirements as we are able to influence their own decision making to ensure it mirrors the needs of the end-customer.

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secure mobile gateway
Wandera – Secure Mobile Gateway Partner

Through our Secure Mobile Gateway partner Wandera, we offer you a scalable cloud solution that fits in the path of mobile data, between employee devices and the internet. The Wandera Secure Mobile Gateway gives your business the opportunity both optimise the way your devices use mobile data and provide valuable, in-depth reports for data usage across your business. Our partnership with Wandera ensures that not only do we implement the best data plans for your business but also that we can offer management information at a granular level to allow you to take as much control of your company-wide usage as you need.

Microsoft – Mobile, Cloud and Productivity Solutions

Microsoft are synonymous with technology evolution. Having been at the forefront of the computing revolution from their inception, Microsoft are once again taking the lead with their ‘Mobile first, cloud first’ strategy. We work with Microsoft to deliver outstanding technology experiences to our customers. From mobile devices to a range of productivity solutions, we can bring their expertise in a range of vertical markets and product categories directly to your business, and utilise their vast experience and knowledge to deliver the best solution for your business.

Vodafone | Mobility, Fixed Line and Data

Vodafone are a leading provider of telecoms services in the UK, offering a range of solutions across mobility, fixed line and data. We have enjoyed a long partnership with them for a number of years. As Vodafone’s own strategy has evolved to encompass a wider range of communications technology, we have worked with them to roll out those solutions to our customers to ensure they have the leading edge communication technologies in place to support their business objectives. Working with Vodafone also ensures we can provide critical communication networks and services access in the UK and globally to our customers. Intercity has been a Vodafone Partner for over 25 years. To this day we remain amongst a prestigious core of top level service providers who are trusted by Vodafone to deliver outstanding service to their network customers.

O2 | Mobile and Data Solutions

Our relationship with O2 means we are trusted by O2 to deliver and support leading-edge mobile and data solutions to our business customers. With a focus on high quality service, competitive pricing and constant innovation, O2 are a leading provider of mobile services in the UK. Intercity’s partnership with O2 lets us give our customers access to their award winning network which offers an unrivalled level of quality and reliability, with an infrastructure that is built for connectivity and that is continually invested in to maintain minimum levels of performance.

Samsung | Mobile Devices

A consumer technology giant, working with Samsung is an obvious choice for Intercity as consumer and corporate user demands become ever closer. We all want to have a seamless experience with the technologies we use across our lives and our partnership with Samsung allows us to connect the best of both worlds in your business. We deliver the right products that match your business requirements and the insight we gain from our partnership with Samsung ensures we can tailor our solutions to match the end user requirement.

Blackberry | Enterprise Mobility Management

Blackberry have a long and storied history in the mobile services industry, but whatever you might think of them, they are still an industry leader when it comes to enterprise mobility management. Working with Blackberry adds an extra layer of credibility to your enterprise mobility strategy, especially when it comes to device security. Leveraging the industry-leading secure enterprise mobility platform, we can also grant you access to tools and resources that help build your internal expertise, create business opportunities and maximise your potential.

Gamma | IP Telephony Services

Gamma is a leader in new technology and, using their soft-switch based network, they offer easy-to-use inbound services, IP Telephony services and SIP Trunk solutions. Our Certified status ensures we can provide advanced diagnostics and technical support for a wide range of Gamma fixed line products.

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