Don’t let the clouds obscure your view

Choosing a cloud service which protects your data

Cloud storage has become an integral part of our modern, mobile lives with a number of services vying to hold vital data on their servers and it is currently being used, or actively being investigated by many organisations for business purposes.

Implementing cloud solutions provides a multitude of benefits, including flexibility and collaboration, which complements an increasing mobile workforce, but it is important that the masses of sensitive data and valuable information are safeguarded.

Data loss or leak is a prime area of concern within the HR industry and whilst cloud poses an opportunity for ease of access, it’s also a potential data security threat, not necessarily in the cloud service itself, but potentially in the devices used to access the cloud. Smartphone’s and tablets are the obvious benefit to personnel, allowing users to work smarter in multiple locations.

Choosing a cloud service is not an easy decision to make, with many considerations that need to be thought through, from vetting the security measures, to ensuring that it all complies with your corporate policy and ethics.

Our article, written by David Brady, our Senior Technical Consultant, is published in this month’s The HR Director magazine (p26), which discusses these considerations and how important it is to safeguard the masses of sensitive and valuable information employers have in the cloud.

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