Regain control of mobile working


Recorded webinar – Regain control of mobile working

Bridge the gap in mobility decision making

Why gaining visibility is the first step to fixing the lack of control that exists in today’s mobile enterprise.

Presented by Suzan Sakarya, Channel Manager at Wandera


With the consumerisation of IT, responsibility for enterprise mobility decision-making is ambiguous, with multiple roles and in some cases departments providing input. Finance has little insight into how devices are used, but is increasingly responsible for making the budgeting decisions for mobility. Yet, the day-to-day management of mobility falls squarely on IT, leaving the department to provision, support, secure, and maintain devices often without direct involvement in budget and decision-making. This has led to an often frustrating, disjointed, and more expensive state of mobility for organisations.

In this webinar we will explore the factors which have led to the current state of enterprise mobility and examine the Secure Mobile Gateway (SMG) as a solution for organisations, IT managers, and finance departments to regain control of enterprise mobility.

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