Cyber Smart: How to protect your corporate assets from attack

cyber smart

The 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and skills, revealed a growth in the number of organisations experiencing IT security breaches in the UK; 90% of large enterprises and 74% of small businesses reported suffering at least one breach in the previous year, with 59% of all respondents expecting a greater number of incidents in the year ahead.

Cyber security has become one of the most pressing issues we face and is definitely not an issue your business can choose to ignore – as the old saying goes prevention really is better than cure. Despite threats to your businesses’ data and information increasing, there are strategies and solutions available that you can deploy in order to safe guard your business.

Making sense of the endless potential threats and attacks can seem like a minefield – Imerja, part of Intercity Technology, in partnership with Check Point, have created Cyber Smart. This guide will help you understand the dangers to your business assets and identify the right strategy and solution to evade cyber-attacks.


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