Why disruptive doesn’t have to mean destructive

The word ‘disruption’ often brings negative preconceptions to the fore. Businesses tend to be uncomfortable with change, particularly when they feel like they are already able to compete with the best. But with automation, cloud technology and IoT devices all changing the business landscape, embracing disruptive technology is no longer just beneficial – it’s a necessity.

Andrew Jackson - Group CEO

Andrew Jackson – Group CEO

The introduction of disruptive technology doesn’t have to mean expensive or extreme change. Often, the most effective solutions use simple technology to address issues. The most obvious example of disruptive technology is Uber, which has achieved global success by simply cutting out the need to call a taxi company and have money in your wallet to pay at the other end. And in the healthcare sector, high-quality video technology has allowed clinicians to diagnose, treat and support patients remotely, removing the need for unnecessary travel and saving both valuable time and money.

Disruptive technology has a place in every business, from removing menial tasks to revolutionising the way people work, and it should be embraced if companies what to overtake their competitors by boosting productivity in the workplace.

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