How to get the best results out of new technology


At Intercity we understand that the right technology has the power to change your business.

We also understand the positive impact involving employees in the decision making process has when choosing new technology. Getting employee buy-in is essential to ensuring that you have selected the right  solution to meet the requirements of the business.

But what happens when you have selected and implemented the technology? We believe that training is key to ensuring employees actually use it, and use it in the right way:

People are creatures of habit, broadly speaking they don’t like change. Training is a key platform to explain why change is happening and reinforce that the change is positive and help people embrace new ways of working.

Benefits of training:

  • Ensures employees feel confident using the new technology
  • Understand the full capabilities of the technology
  • Gain employee buy in – training gives you the opportunity to highlight the benefits of using the new technology vs the old ways of working
  • Ensures you see the best possible return on your investment – if everyone is using the technology then you will see various improvements across the business – from cost savings to improved productivity

Make the training company wide

Another tip is to make the training compulsory regardless of an employee’s position in the business – this means that you get buy in right the way across the organisation. It also reinforces the message that this is a new way of working company wide.

Education is key

In short if people don’t understand how to use something they will more than likely carry on working  the way they always have done  – meaning you won’t see the results intended by implementing a new technology.

In summary if everyone is confident and understands the benefits to using a new system or technology they will embrace it – training is key to reaching this end goal!

We help you make the right technology decisions for your business.

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