Understanding successful investment in enterprise mobility

Chris Sharp

In his article, Chris Sharp, Intercity’s Finance Director provides expert advice on why investing in enterprise mobility should be viewed as critical by the business. Covering topics such as:

  • How to take responsibility for the mobile strategy
  • Who should be involved in the decision making process
  • Reasons why it’s important to understand how employees use mobile devices
  • Security risks that may not have been considered, such as unsecure document sharing and attaching devices to unknown networks

When it comes to IT strategy, all too often mobile is seen as a commodity that the business needs to spend the least amount of money on as possible. However, as mobile technology becomes increasingly paramount to the success of the business through productivity gains, how businesses invest in their enterprise mobility strategy is crucial to maximising business performance.

We see more and more businesses suffer bill shock on mobile bills and not understand how and why they have ended up in such a position. This is particularly the case for businesses that have chosen inappropriate tariffs based solely on cost. The selection process usually takes place without considering what security measures are required as well as ways to minimise costs, such as compressing data or introducing bespoke roaming tariff plans, for example.

The aim of the article is to hopefully reinforce known beliefs regarding mobile communications security and help those involved in the financial decision making process better understand the risks involved when a mobility strategy isn’t thought through with the right input from around the business. Not only does Chris advise from a financial and security perspective, but he also provides tips on how to increase staff productivity through giving them better tools to perform their roles.

For more information please refer to the original article, published in Real Business

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