Bridge the gap between IT managers & IT users

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White paper – Bridging the gap between IT managers & IT users

We recently researched the attitudes towards technology in the workplace and its impact of productivity of over 200 IT managers and 500 IT users. The results in our white paper have revealed insights into the perceptions of both parties.

In this white paper we:

  • Question if IT teams need to accelerate the introduction of new technology to meet user demands and improve productivity
  • Advise you how to measure and improve business productivity with our 9 step model
  • Help you bridge the gap between the perceptions of IT Managers and IT users with the view to shaping your IT strategy

Our white paper, Do You Know What You Don’t know, offers five insightful sections:

  • Productivity pain points: uncovers how technology impacts on productivity day to day.
  • Bridging the gap: understanding the perception of what productivity looks like and how to use this to overcome productivity pain points.
  • The rise of remote working: reveals stats around the rise of remote working and questions how engaged the IT team are.
  • Behind the times: highlights a perceived IT lag in supporting current working trends and questions if IT teams need to accelerate the introduction of new technology to meet user demands
  • The future of business productivity: the penultimate section asks the fundamental question ‘what does productivity look like and how is it measured’ offering recommendations.

Employee productivity is suffering as IT often serves as a barrier rather than an enabler. And this disconnect varies by company size where enterprises face different gaps from SMEs.

By involving employees more in the decision-making process, understanding not just what IT they need but why they need it, the IT function can make the necessary changes to IT strategy. This will enable employees to be more productive and also drive business profitability.

The white paper aims to help bridge the gap between IT Managers and IT users. The insight gained can help shape your IT strategy and has the power to transform business performance. Thought provoking in nature, our white paper challenges readers to consider how seriously the importance of productivity is taken and if greater levels of productivity are required.

After all, it’s what you don’t know about attitudes towards technology in your workplace that will make all the difference.

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