Mobile Security

The protection of mobile computing devices, and the networks they are connected to.

Choose Mobile Security services and keep your business safe. It offers protection for your business mobile devices, and all of the networks they are connected to. Mobile security takes away the dangers and vulnerabilities brought along by wireless computing.
As well as protecting data from wireless threats, mobile device security offers restricted access where necessary, making it near impossible for unauthorised users to access sensitive company data, and giving only the required staff business access to secure mobile devices.

How Will Intercity Wireless Security Protect You?

  • Prevent data theft as a result of device loss.
  • Protect sensitive company data from hackers, improving security for mobile devices.
  • Block malicious software accessing important data.
  • Secure data storage with strong passwords and selectable authorisation.
  • Take control over dangers from low security apps, or jailbroken devices.

The benefits of Mobile Device Security For Your Business

  • High Security– Mobile phone security offers strong password systems to block any malicious software and viruses from damaging sensitive data, reinforcing data loss prevention.
  • Mobile Application Security– Wireless security services will detect possibly hazardous applications, and notify you of the threat.
  • Secure Storage – Authorisation systems allow only approved users to access data, meaning you can choose who can and can’t access company data.
  • Firewalls– Mobile Data Security implements firewalls to block any malicious software and viruses from damaging sensitive data.

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