New global telephony contract from Intercity Technology saves ActionAid £32,000

Intercity Technology has announced today that it has helped ActionAid save an impressive £32,000 after the international charity terminated its previous contract and signed on the dotted line with the communications technology provider for its global telephony contract .

After experiencing contract and customer service issues with its previous provider, ActionAid decided to bring a new supplier on board. Intercity Technology underwent rigorous assessment and due to their knowledge, consultative approach and commercial flexibility, the ServiceMark accredited business was awarded with the contract. With the assistance of Intercity Technology, ActionAid terminated their previous contract, saving them £32,000 in the process. Intercity Technology also provided support to update the ActionAid Blackberry Enterprise Server at no cost.

James Allen, Professional Services Consultant at Intercity Technology, explains, “As a charity, every penny counts for ActionAid. Due to the organisation having a bad experience with their previous provider it was important for me to develop a trusting relationship with the charity from the outset and this has led to us saving the charity a significant sum. At all times, the focus of the contract is to ensure that ActionAid obtains the best technology and tariffs available on a worldwide basis.”

Commenting on his relationship with Intercity Technology, Roger De-Peza, Team Administrator IT & Finance at ActionAid said, “I have learnt so much from Intercity. From the very beginning, James clearly explained our new contract and has introduced us to new technology whilst helping us with our policies and taking the time to fully understand our needs. All the time providing the organisation with an impressive saving on its mobile phone bills.” Roger concludes, “The overall experience of working with Intercity has been very positive, saving us a considerable amount of money which we can now plough back into other valuable and deserving aspects of our charity.”

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