Orbit 6.7 is here!

Our product team have been busy over the last few months working on a variety of fantastic features to add to our ever evolving unified communications solution. As a result, the 6.7 product update is set to help businesses communicate more effectively than ever.

With a new video conferencing feature and improved chat capabilities businesses will now have even more tools at their fingertips to help them improve productivity and communication, internally as well as externally.

Video conferencing at your fingertips

Our brand new video conferencing solution, powered by BlinkPipe, enables easy access to a professional, business quality communication tool that works seamlessly with Orbit, or as a stand-alone solution. Multiple screens can be easily shared from different locations so no more huddling around a single webcam and through using landline for audio businesses no longer need to worry about buffering.

Live chat within a group

The latest Orbit update provides the option to perform group chats, by bringing multiple recipients together. For example, live chat allows departments to be grouped together in one feed making it quicker and easier to share documents and information. Live has the power to boost productivity and streamline communications in a single platform that works across landline and mobile.

With Orbit 6.7 you also get:

  • New presence features, such as seperating conversations into departments and setting a new “Logged In” status
  • With a new Add-in you can dial straight from your Outlook client
  • Call queue options such as hearing your position in the queue and setting a maximum number of participants in a call queue
  • Easily pause and resume call recording when taking personal details or card payments

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