Mobile Connectivity

Discover how 4G business broadband can help your company remain as efficient and productive as possible.

4G mobile broadband is the latest generation of mobile telecommunications technology, offering businesses the fastest in mobile web access and IP telephony. 4G business broadband plans offer flexible access to a 4G network, tailored to your business needs.

How Will 4G Business Broadband Improve Your Processes?

  • Higher internet capacity
  • A flexible plan that suits your current requirements
  • Reliable, durable internet connection for your business
  • 4G coverage that is up to 5x faster than third generation mobile technology

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The Benefits of 4G Broadband for Business

  • Fast Internet – connection speeds up to 5x higher than 3G
  • Reliable Connection – 4G for business provides a strong, durable connection to maintain the needs of businesses of all sizes
  • Flexible Business Plans – tailor your 4G business broadband to offer you the exact capacity you require
  • Ongoing Support – 4G business broadband plans with Intercity come with ongoing support and maintenance, to ensure you’re always connected

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