Business Phone Lines & Calls

Business phone systems catered to your requirements and budget.

Manage costs effectively with a complete business phone line and call package. Choose the right business phone service package for your business size and internal needs, whether you require a handful of business land lines or multiple calls and lines with a generous call time allowance. All line rental costs will be covered in your business phone systems package and several call allowance options can be arranged to suit your needs.

Why Use Business Phone Line Packages?

  • Cost savings when compared with standard non-business-specific packages
  • A tailored approach that works with your requirements
  • Generous call allowances
  • Technical support where required
  • Broadband bundles for an all-in-one communications package

The Benefits of Intercity Business Phone Lines

  • Business Grade Features – Business line packages include business grade features such as call divert and communications assistance, helping you reduce administrative processes.
  • Technical Support – Additional support where required so that you can manage and minimise downtime as effectively as possible.
  • Tailored Business Calls Packages – Business phone systems that are tailored specifically to your requirements, whatever the size of your staff and the setup you need.
  • Easy Setup Process – An efficient process that means minimal downtime so that you can continue everyday tasks as quickly as possible.
  • Cost Savings – Integrate your communication systems to reduce overheads and choose a bundle business package that will roll all costs into one manageable payment.
  • Improved ISDN Lines – If required, Intercity Technology can provide you with improved ISDN office lines, helping you to separate line data and calls improving the quality of the line where possible.
  • Individual Lines For Users – Individual business telephone lines for all members of your team, saving you time and streamlining your team’s lines of communication.
  • Business Bundle Packages – Choose phone line and broadband packages for your business for a streamlined process and one simple centralised system.

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