Managed data centres providing shared hosting and security for your IT infrastructure.

Offering exceptional capacity, space, power and performance, co-location hosting is ideal for companies seeking a secure outsourced solution to their server needs. Co-location services provide a safe and secure site for your servers, as well as round the clock advice and maintenance should that be required.

What Could You Gain From Co-location Services?

  • Increased power necessary to run your server room efficiently
  • Better management of your hardware integrated with your existing resources
  • Support expanding past current capabilities
  • Increased hosting power, bandwidth and cabinet space

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The Benefits of Co-location Hosting

  • High Security – Government grade data centres mean that your servers are protected by on site security guards 24/7, as well as CCTV surveillance and photo ID access
  • Exceptional Performance – High speed and low latency connectivity to Vodafone’s AS1273 global internet offers more than sufficient performance
  • Outstanding Bandwidth – Bandwidth capabilities up to 100Mbps means that we can accommodate for your traffic even when unexpected increases occur
  • Low PUE – Power Usage Effectiveness as low as 1.25 results in high efficiency and lower costs
  • Round the Clock Support – All the support you need is available every hour of the day, every day of the year
  • Real-time Reporting – Historic and real-time reporting on service availability, power, temperature and bandwidth usage offers you peace of mind at all times

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