Global MPLS Networks


UK and global connectivity solutions enable you to incorporate all staff, whether home or office based, into a single, company-wide private network.

Why Choose MPLS For Your Business?

  • PRIORITISE TRAFFIC – Traffic separation for PCI compliance, guest wifi or sensitive data, together with prioritisation for business-critical services using Class of Service profiles, allows for a sophisticated and adaptable solution while maintaining efficient use of bandwidth.
  • SECURITY – Maintain network security when transferring corporate or sensitive data between locations, with Secure Remote User Access to ensure secure connectivity for remote and home-based workers.
  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY – Protect business-critical traffic by incorporating business continuity within your network design, including redundant access to diverse MPLS PoPs and Internet breakout.
  • PCI COMPLIANCE – Ensure continued compliance with PCI Security Standards when handling financially sensitive data.

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The Benefits of MPLS from Intercity Technology

  • INTERNET ACCESS – Include Network Based Internet Access with breakout from the Cloud or Direct Internet Access for a hybrid public/private network solution.
  • SOLUTION DESIGN – Our Solution Design Consultants will convert your business needs to a network blueprint to meet today’s requirements and protect your network for future growth.
  • MANAGEMENT PORTAL – Real-time dashboard, monitoring graphs and historic reporting of all connections with supporting diagrams and documentation.

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