Multi-channel Conferencing

Multi-channel business conversations through multiple devices for efficient communication.

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Multi-Channel Conferencing makes it easy to speak to clients, partners, staff, and business people right from your office desk. Multi-channel allows a group of people to speak over an online video conferencing or audio conference call service from a variety of different devices. Multi-Channel conference calls are one of the best ways to connect with clients – making business interaction simpler, wherever you or your clients are based.

How Will a Multi-Channeling Conference Line Help You?

  • Host online meetings with multiple people
  • Take part in a conference call from wherever you are, on any device
  • Improve company efficiency with no need for large amounts of planning and prep
  • Save money by cutting out travel costs to client meetings
  • Connect with clients working in different countries

The Benefits of Multi-Channel Conference Lines

  • Lower Costs – Conference call services keep costs down by saving money that would have been spent on travelling to client offices.
  • Save Time & Increase Efficiency – Time spent on travel and preparation for meetings is saved, meaning more time dedicated to everyday management.
  • Reduce Stress –Conferencing services remove the stress of long travel for both parties.
  • Increase Flexibility – Multi-Channel web conference services allow staff and clients to take part in the call from anywhere at any time, as mobile devices can be used alongside desktop computers.
  • International Meetings– Carry out international conferences with clients abroad. Being able to speak face to face through a Multichannel conference is easier and much more cost-effective.

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