Virtual Servers

A virtual server that can support your operating system just like a dedicated server, minus the limitations.

VPS Hosting, or virtual private server hosting, provides companies with access to virtual servers that offer all the same benefits as dedicated servers. Virtual private servers work by partitioning servers to individual recipients from one main server – this offers the ability to increase VPS space if necessary.

How Can Virtual Private Servers Boost Your Efficiency?

  • Flexible server hosting options tailored to your requirements
  • Easy access to extra server space when needed
  • A better value alternative to a dedicated server
  • Increased processing power

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What Are The Benefits of a Virtual Private Server?

  • Better Value – Virtual server hosting offers better value for money when compared to dedicated servers
  • Flexible Storage – Storage capacity can be chosen based on your individual requirements
  • Increased Processing Power – Can be increased quickly and easily where necessary to improve efficiency throughout your organisation
  • More Virtual Memory – Ease of access to higher memory when required

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