Virtual Networks for your business

Create a local area network between multiple separate sites over a bridged domain.

A virtual private LAN service enables a number of geographically separate sites to be connected via a bridged connection. Irrespective of location, a VPLS network will provide access to one local network across dispersed locations, using multipoint to multipoint communication.

Why Choose VPLS For Your Business?

  • Access to one network across multiple sites
  • Secure, private network for your data
  • Secure location for all your files
  • A practical shared network for easy access to files

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The Benefits of VPLS Configuration

  • Multiple Locations – Gain access to one network across multiple locations across the UK
  • Practical Sharing – Quick and easy access to one server where all data is kept in one place
  • Private & Secure Storage – Gated server to keep all data safe and secure from potential breach

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