Wandera Mobile Gateway

An employee-friendly device designed to notify users on data usage, policy updates and major security breaches.

How Can a Wandera Mobile Gateway Help You?

  • Increase security against viruses by blocking them on their path to the device
  • Make mobile working easier for employees, keeping them up to date via the Wandera mobile app
  • Detect malicious Wi-Fi spots – stopping hackers and viruses via a firewall
  • Data monitoring, so you can cut down data usage where possible and lower your costs
  • Complements MDM, by monitoring data and helping with security features

The Benefits of a Wandera Cloud-Based Mobile Gateway

  • Increased Efficiency – Employees can work from anywhere and still stay secure and up to date thanks to Wandera’s gateway and user notifications.
  • Increased Mobile Data Security – Better business security thanks to the firewalls and detection systems that the Wandera cloud gateway has to offer.
  • Lower Costs – Detailed data usage monitoring enables you to see where data is being used up, allowing you to cut down on unnecessary areas of usage.
  • Safety Rating for Each Device – Keep track of security performance with Wandera’s RADAR real-time risk score. Each device is given a risk score allowing you to see which devices are the safest and what threats target each one.
  • Secure Cloud Storage – The Wandera Mobile Gateway gives you access to extreme secure cloud storage for sensitive data.

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