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sills & betteridge case study


Sills and Betteridge legal case study

Over their 250 year history, Sills and Betteridge solicitors had developed a communications system that had become too complex to keep up with modern demands. The firm, which now operates across an impressive seven sites, found itself managing a cumbersome telecommunications system, that was making communicating difficult and expensive.

The firm actually operated five separate phone systems across all sites, which meant even site-to-site calls were costing the business a small fortune and meant mountains of different hardware at each site – the integration alone took up valuable IT maintenance time.

Find out how Intercity were able to make communication simple for this Lincolnshire based firm of solicitors.

“The cost of calls alone has already been cut by 40%, while dramatically increasing the number of time-saving features we have and bringing all our sites under one system”

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