Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) lets you centrally manage and secure devices from different manufacturers that use different operating systems.
Using MDM you can tailor security levels of each device to match your business’ needs. With the right controls placed on  identity, applications and data, MDM will optimise your employees productivity and experience without compromising security.

Mobile device management allows you to:

  • Add corporate policy controls across all devices
  • Distribute new company approved apps to all employees in a controlled way
  • Configure devices remotely and secure data from unauthorised access by remotely locking or wiping information in case a device is lost or stolen

The latest business solutions to manage BYOD, CYOD and COPE

With the rise in mobile device management policies – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) in the workplace, MDM lets your employees work securely and remotely with business-critical data on smartphones and tablets.

  • BYOD – gives your employees the freedom to use personal devices for work purposes. Connecting the devices to the corporate network and in some cases reimbursing any service plan costs involved.
  • CYOD – is ideal for organisations who don’t want employees connecting personal devices to IT infrastructures. Instead you can offer a range of pre-approved devices to your employees to use.
  • COPE – is viewed by many businesses as the complete solution, where cost effectiveness meets security. You choose what applications are pre-loaded to support your staff. Plus, you control your firewall and how data is used.Find out more in our blog – BYOD, CYOD can you COPE?

What do you want your devices to do?

Before deciding on a solution, or even looking at the options, it’s important to ask the question, ‘what do we want our devices to do’?

This conversation should go further than the boardroom and include all the end users. Intercity’s experts can help you discover what employees use their devices for and what other capabilities they would find useful.

Once you’re clear about what you can (and want to) achieve, you’re ready to choose the right MDM solution.  Having tested a wide variety of MDM solutions available, the two Intercity recommend are Vodafone Secure Device Manager (VSDM) and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 (BES12).

We help you make the right technology decisions for your business.

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