Mobile Working

Agile working systems that allow your workforce to operate remotely.

What is a Remote Working System?

A system which empowers your employees to work remotely when needed. Whether your workforce meets regularly with clients or partners, or has the option of working from home, a remote working system enables your team to be more flexible. Remote desktop services mean that your team will be able to access vital information from your internal systems wherever they are, making for a more productive workforce.

What Remote Access Can Do for You

  • Provide access to vital data from any given location.
  • Virtual access that is secure.
  • Streamlined access to data in external meetings or presentations.
  • Access for external outsourcers and other freelance experts that are not based at your offices.
  • A more flexible working environment for employees.

The Benefits of Remote Access Software

  • Speedy turnaround when compared to traditional methods of transaction such as email.
  • Secure access that does not go outside of your central servers.
  • Flexible working options for staff mean a more motivated workforce.
  • Cost savings on travel expenses and office space requirements.
  • More environmentally friendly business where employees no longer need to commute every day.

Why Choose Intercity for Your Mobile Working Solutions?

With more employees working on a flexible timetable and agile working becoming the norm, Intercity Technology can provide you with an efficient mobile working solution that will benefit your business and your employees. With a number of flexible MDM business solutions and BYOD options, as well as remote virtual access to internal systems, you can rely on Intercity to provide you with a solution that works with your business requirements, and speeds up internal efficiencies.

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