Where should your IT strategy sit?

One of the biggest decisions business owners and managers face is the implementation of technology. It underpins every aspect of operational performance and can help businesses stay ahead in a very competitive marketplace. It is most definitely a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly.

The pressure is on to keep up with technology trends to enable you to make informed decisions when choosing solutions to help your business, as well as effectively safeguarding what you currently have in place. This is a big responsibility to take on, so where should it lie?

Does responsibility lie solely within the IT department? Or, given the impact it can have on the success of the business, should it lie within the C-suite as part of the overall business strategy? Should IT users be involved in the decision making process? After all, they will be using the technology every day to get their job done.

In Richard’s recent article on Real Business, he shares his thoughts on the perfect decision making process, which reveals that all parties should have an input in the overall IT strategy. Read more to find out:

  • Thought processes behind choosing technology we use within business
  • What decisions the IT department should and shouldn’t be involved in
  • Why it’s important for senior management to be involved in decisions that determine the impact of IT on a company’s business strategy
  • Why it’s important to take into consideration both business and technological factors when implementing an IT strategy.

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