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Investing in Birmingham: cementing our place in the region

Ever since our inception in 1985, Birmingham’s thriving tech ecosystem has played a key role in the growth of our company.

This is why we’ve pledged an investment of over £2 million into our future here. With this investment, we’ll be providing a state-of-the-art technology hub that benefits both our customers and the wider region, as well as becoming another driving force behind the great work of the Midlands Engine initiative.

To support our growing pool of customers and facilitate future expansion, the first phase of this project will begin with the construction of our flagship data centre in the Midlands. This will complement our existing facilities in Bolton, Elstree, and third-party data centres in London, Washington and Hong Kong.

We’re committed to providing the highest possible levels of security and availability, and our new data centre, which will be built to meet Tier 3 certification requirements. This will enable our customers to benefit from fully backed-up power supply and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which will in turn ensure 99.982% availability for applications and data, as well as supporting up to 100 racks and 0.5MW power budget.

We will be investing the remainder of these funds into a complete redesign of our current headquarters, providing a technology experience centre for customers and a whole new working environment for our colleagues. This will include an auditorium and hot desking space to enable customers and other organisations to benefit from the specialist knowledge of our teams.

As a people-first tech business, we always practise what we preach. We’re confident that as well as driving the development of a flourishing tech network in the Midlands, redeveloping our working environment will facilitate an even better work-life balance for our colleagues and will be essential as we continue to recruit and develop the best talent from the region and beyond.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can keep your data secure, get in touch.

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Preventing data disasters, with Matt Johnson (Chief Technology Officer)

A data centre can be the difference between a complete data disaster, and effective data recovery. By entrusting your valuable customer data in one of Intercity’s UK-based secure data centres, you can be assured that your business’ vital customer information will never be without a lifeline.

What are the benefits of a data centre owned and monitored by Intercity’s ISOC?

With a core set of hosting service levels designed to meet every requirement, and with dedicated facilities located in the North and South of the UK, Intercity’s hosting services can be delivered around specific locations to suit the specific needs of individual businesses.

By taking away the burden of compliance, availability and security, Intercity’s Hosting Services save you time and money, reduce carbon emissions, and help your business work more efficiently.

What can we expect from the new Birmingham data centre?

The hosting floor is 300 square metres providing space for 100 racks. The centre is built to Tier III specification with N + N power provision (0.5MW power capacity), N + 1 HVAC with Hot Aisle containment and full carrier redundancy.
What are the key ‘need to know’ specifications of Intercity’s data centres?

Intercity’s hosting facilities are built to Tier III specification and ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 certified and approved for N3 Aggregator status. They’re also built to CoCo and PCI standards, offering customers peace of mind that their data
is held securely and in line with key compliance requirements.

How secure are the premises that are home to your data centres?

The purpose-built facilities are protected by advanced physical security measures which include external and internal CCTV systems monitoring the perimeter of the buildings and key locations within each office environment. All CCTV is visible to Intercity Security Operations Centre (‘ISOC’) engineers 24×7 and recorded in digital format.

All access to the buildings and Intercity offices is via an electronic access control system, protected by an alarm and monitored by CCTV. Events from the alarm, CCTV footage and access control systems are archived for a minimum of six months.

How do customers know they’ll get the level of service that’s right for them?

Redundancy has been built into all environmental controls, providing confidence that you will get the best performance from your hosted equipment. Service continuity is guaranteed through resilient power and high bandwidth internet connectivity, meaning business critical systems will continue to operate normally even in a disaster situation.

The service is underpinned by Intercity’s own ServiceAlert™ management solution which delivers an SLA-backed response to alerts. Being located within our own premises, the 24×7 Help Desk provides further confidence that there will always be someone available to assist if needed.

Bespoke requirements that go beyond our standard co-location and complex service offerings can also be provided, with tailor made solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

To learn more about our hosting services and the new Birmingham DC get in touch with us here today