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There is more to communication technology than the device in your hand

Developing an enterprise mobility strategy

IT users are becoming increasingly tech savvy and as a result have high expectations of the technology they use, not only personally, but also professionally. Consequentially, IT departments are feeling the pressure to develop an enterprise mobility strategy that not only encapsulates the IT needs of the business, but also the demands of an often very diverse workforce that want to be able to access core business applications anytime, anywhere.

IT departments need to understand the context of these needs, but need to mindful that they are not led by them. It is important that IT users expectations are managed to ensure that productivity does not suffer for both the IT user and IT department, as a result of not being included in the decision making process in some way.

There are a number of other things to consider when investing in enterprise mobility, as it is about much more than choosing a device. The Operating System (OS) is one of the most critical decisions when choosing a business device and certain questions need to be asked, such as; does it secure the requirements of the business as well as the user? Or, will it work alongside other solutions that are in place?

When implementing any piece of IT equipment, it is always important to think about maintaining quality and security, and telecoms should be thought about in exactly the same way. The ability to connect and communicate effectively is vital for productivity and performance, so it is important that it is given the same status in the mobility strategy.

The right enterprise mobility strategy is critical for the modern agile business and with so many demands from around the business it is important to retain perspective to ensure that the strategy meets the business needs, now and in the future.

To find out more about why the enterprise mobile investment is about much more than just the device, read Will Kennedy’s recent article on Information Age.

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An eventful May for the Manchester team

May was a busy month for our Manchester team, holding two successful Intercity Telecom events at the historic Manchester Central venue for IP Expo and the elegant Cloud 23 Bar located in Manchester’s landmark building Beetham Tower for Manchester Connect.

IP Expo saw the Intercity team showcase its unified communications solution Touch Telephony®, generating an enormous amount of interest from the stand visitors. The Intercity Racing game was also a big hit, bringing out the competitive spirit in those that played. A common theme amongst the delegates was the desire to adopt cloud technology into their organisations to deliver increased business efficiencies, as well as enjoy a superior cost model.

Dion O’Byrne, Senior Business Development Manager, commented “It was fantastic to have so many great conversations around transforming business performance through communications technology and using core applications to raise employee productivity and customer service levels. This resonated with our stand visitors who understood how deploying our solutions could enable their companies to drive a competitive advantage in their market sectors”.

We also held our first northern Microsoft dinner, aptly named Manchester Connect, the first in a series of events designed not only for us to engage with our northern clients but to also provide a platform for sharing knowledge, information and contacts with each other, and it was very well received.

The evening was hosted by Intercity’s Sales and Marketing Director Will Kennedy and the northern sales team, with support from Andrew Constable, representing our technology partner Microsoft. We launched proceedings with a friendly networking session in the sumptuous Cloud23 bar, enjoying drinks with the stunning city centre views as our backdrop.

After being ushered into our own private dining area, both Will Kennedy and Andrew Constable gave short keynote speeches, which were warmly received by all. Dion commented:

“Our message of transforming businesses with communications technology resonates particularly well and encourages clients to view communications as a tool that, when implemented correctly, will deliver real tangible business benefits such as an increase in employee productivity, an enhanced customer service level and return on investment. We are very much looking forward to the next event”.

If you would like a demo of our unified communications platform Touch Telephony®, please contact us today.