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In this second edition, we start by celebrating women in technology. Despite many high-profile campaigns aimed at recruiting a more diverse workforce in the sector, figures show that just 17% of UK employees working in technology are women.

We discuss the importance of challenging these statistics and uncover the benefits of accessing the vast pool of talent that women in tech can provide…

Also featured in the second edition of Intercity Tech:

  • Tech doesn’t drive digital transformation, people do: Leverage your workforce to drive transformation activities
  • Is your organisation ready for 2018? Get help finding the balance between what you do well, vs trying new ideas
  • 5 minutes with Lee Hull, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Intercity: Insights into an exciting career & things learnt on the way
  • Supporting digitalisation through a strong enterprise network: Learn why every aspect of your network, hardware & software has its role to play
  • How outsourcing IT services can benefit your business: How to face the challenge of doing more with less

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"Although there is a lack of women in the technology world, I think the prominent issue is the lack of senior women."

Georgina Lord

Inside Sales & Marketing Director for Intercity Technology

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