The technology trinity: 3 ways CIOs can create a digital workplace

In our new report, hear how four technology leaders drove IT transformation across private, public and third sectors.

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There are three essential elements to a digital workplace; working together, working anywhere and working securely. This is the technology trinity.

Yet, balancing these three components is a delicate act; how can you provide freedom for your workforce to collaborate remotely with efficiency, while securing your critical information? We spoke to four forward-thinking IT luminaries to find out.

Pioneering digital change across businesses in private, public, and third sectors, they shared candid information about their digital transformation strategies, explaining what worked for their industries, and what didn’t.

Download the report to find out how:

  • Unified communication increased client transparency and improved efficiency in the legal sector
  • Digital transformation is saving lives in the healthcare industry
  • Authenticated users, rather than secure devices, provide the first line of data security for charities.

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“Technology is about enabling something different, something better... if you want a successful project, don’t make it IT-led, make it about business, enabled by IT.”

Dr Graham Evans

Chief Information and Technology Officer

Honest opinions from real people

This exclusive insight revealed that, above all, a digital workplace is more than just technological innovation, it is an entire mentality shift. Work is no longer somewhere your people go, but something they do. Want to ensure your own digital transformation is effective, efficient, and secure? Download The Technology Trinity now and read what strategies worked for our IT leaders, which didn’t, and why.

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