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Building public sector partnerships to last

When we consider whether to buy a product or sign-up to a service, we’ll often look to reviews before we make a decision. Did the product or service deliver what it promised from the outset, and when issues came up, were they resolved quickly and professionally? We also want to know that the people who will be our daily point of contact are knowledgeable and have the skill to serve our needs. What do we think of our customers, and what do our customers think of us?

Having a proven pedigree within public sector partnerships for more than 12 years has given Intercity the in-depth knowledge of the demands of the different needs of organisations, whatever their sector.


Tony Barber, head of GÉANT Operations Centre at GÉANT, says, “We can be quite demanding when it comes to our SLAs, but Intercity has proven its ability to meet this demand and has adapted to the needs of our customers. Through open and honest communication, monthly evaluation and reporting, and a robust transparent quality management system we have created a trusting and collaborative working environment between our two tiers, and a genuine partnership between our two organisations.”

Chris Fletcher, the Public Sector Sales Director says “Having a proven pedigree within the public sector for more than 12 years has given Intercity the in-depth knowledge of the demands of the different needs of organisations, whatever their sector. Our relationship with GÉANT has developed since we started working with them in 2014 and we understand what they need from our service. Our agility as an organisation means we are able to meet their changing demands as a business, and to support their growth and their end-users at the same time.”

Ian Jackson, the Chief Commercial Officer says “Over the last three years, we’ve built a really strong working relationship with the team at GÉANT, and an in-depth knowledge of the needs of the company’s customers. We’re looking forward to applying this knowledge to the needs of educational institutions across the world and supporting the company’s growth even further.”

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Paul Wickens, the Head of IT at Lambeth Council said: “It’s important for us to work with a provider that is receptive to our needs. Intercity is a forward-thinking, intelligent supplier and throughout our seven-year partnership, we’ve always been able to adjust the services we need as and when.

“From flexibility to the on-site presence in both account and technical terms, our relationship is really strong. There are some suppliers we use because we have to, and others because we want to. We choose to work with Intercity.”

Ian Jackson, with his public sector partnership focus as the Chief Commercial Officer at Intercity Technology added: “Building longstanding relationships with our clients is something we hold in high regard at Intercity. Both our team and Lambeth have worked closely and openly to decipher what services are needed to operate efficiently and responsively throughout the year.

“Solidifying our partnership with the council through a fully-managed service demonstrates our commitment to adapting to customer requirements whenever they need us to. We look forward to continuing this relationship with the council and helping to deliver a secure, continuous and quality service to the people of Lambeth.”

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Lambeth Council – Serving one of London’s most diverse boroughs

Lambeth is one the most densely and diversely populated of all the 33 boroughs in London and is home to approximately 330,000 residents. Intercity Technology has worked with Virgin Media Business (VMB) to deliver support and infrastructure to keep the borough and the users of its network connected and productive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year since 2011.

The seven-year contract was to provide a flexible and modular solution on the convergence of Lambeth’s voice and data networks while reducing costs and improving the user experience. This enabled the council to drive forward its ambition to enable cooperative and new ways of working.

Working with VMB, Intercity specifically provided services linked to Lot 2 of the Network Services Framework (RM1045) which included the monitoring and management of services across the network, enhanced configuration, hardware fixes within set SLAs, and provision of on-site engineer resources, to name just a few.

In-house vs. outsourcing

Following on from its initial partnership with Intercity, Lambeth Council experienced difficulty in keeping and retaining skilled network resources in-house. It therefore required a trusted and reliable partner to help relieve the burden on in-house resource while also ensuring the continuous availability of its services for the public.

Intercity’s answer

Lambeth will now extend the assistance provided by Intercity to include a fully-managed on-site network support service, taking advantage of Intercity’s in-depth back office knowledge of the council’s network estate. This includes having the support team on-call 24/7, business liaison and responsibility for day-to-day running of the entire Lambeth Local Area Network. The company also acts as the interface between VMB services. The flexibility of the service offered by Intercity means that the council will be able to tap into extra resources during peak times, including the annual local elections.

What does the future hold?

Intercity continues to respond to the evolving needs of Lambeth, and there are always ongoing conversations about how it can provide even greater support and act as an important part in the council’s process.

Working together

Lambeth and Intercity’s continued relationship delivers:

  • Value for money for the council;
  • A new level of flexibility of the service, where Lambeth can add resource when there’s a demand for it;
  • Improved efficiency across the board;
  • Lower costs.


Read the full case study here to learn more about the Intercity and Lambeth Council partnership