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Your journey to smarter working in the cloud

Empower your people to work better together

Supporting your journey to the cloud

Do you want to empower your people to be more efficient, improve your business productivity, secure your critical data and save your company money? Then it’s time to explore the cloud. Our managed cloud solution frees up your IT workforce and office server space, lowers your running costs while giving you peace of mind that your data will always remain securely in the UK. Offering cloud support from consultation, design, build and management, we will take you on a journey to the cloud that is right for your business.

Enhance your IT efficiency

Our managed cloud solution, Touch Cloud, lets you only use the storage you need, avoiding capacity wastage and costly idle servers. Keep your budget appropriate to your business needs with supremely agile scalability.

Lower operational costs

By managing your infrastructure in the cloud, you remove the need for extra expensive office space, racks, power supplies, cooling and people to physically oversee it.

Free up your best people

A managed cloud infrastructure frees up your valuable, experienced IT staff to concentrate on more business-critical projects and growing your bottom line.

Empower collaboration

With central access to information and file sharing apps, a cloud-based workplace empowers a better teamwork ethos, and removes an unproductive silo culture.

Support BCDR with cloud

Enhance your business continuity and disaster recovery processes by backing up your critical servers and services in the cloud. Our agile environment ensures your data, applications and processes are accessible and protected.

The future is hybrid

We support a multi-cloud environment to allow you to migrate to the cloud at the right speed for your business. We'll provide a private pathway to public cloud services, moving key services and servers to the private cloud at the right pace for you.

“Over the last 10 years Intercity has helped our business grow and provides essential training for us as we expand. The team is knowledgeable, helpful and accessible. The solutions are well received and we can’t fault Intercity’s customer service.”

Richard Crathorne

CEO, John Sheperd

Start your journey with a free cloud audit

We’d like to work out how your company will benefit from managed cloud services. Contact us for a complimentary cloud audit from one of our experts. We will discuss your current infrastructure and business needs, so we can decide on the best cloud solution for your business together.

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