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Flexible business mobile plans

Enabling your people to do business wherever, whenever.

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Empower your mobile workforce with a customised, scalable plan

Modern business relies on constant connectivity. Your employees are the driving force behind your organisation, and they need to be able to work anywhere, anytime. We give you the mobiles, tariffs and dedicated support to make it happen.

With a tailored business mobile plan, your people and devices will be secure and effective wherever they are: in the office, at home, on the go, at the other end of the country, on the other side of the world.

A business mobile plan that empowers you to do more – for less

You’ve got enough problems to solve as it is. A standard mobile plan that underdelivers is one more headache you don’t need. You need a plan that works for you, your users and your budget – with support at the ready, whenever you need it.

Have everything you want

Give your employees the most advanced handsets and operating systems, with all the airtime, data and network coverage they’ll need, with bespoke multi-network packages that fit your requirements exactly.

Control your costs and make savings

Don’t pay over the odds on standard tariffs - get exactly what you need, and drop everything you don’t. With our portal, you’ll always know what’s coming - create customised alerts to tackle usage spikes before they hit your bill.

Protect your devices and your business

A less centralised workforce means greater security risk, but we ensure multi-level security across your entire fleet of devices, through a combination of mobile device management (MDM) and mobile threat defence (MTD).

Focus on what’s really important

With a tailored, scalable mobile plan and proactive support from your dedicated customer service manager, you can go about your business without worrying about unexpected bills or network vulnerability. We’ve got it all in hand.

Let’s build your business mobile plan

We can combine the latest handsets you need, the mix of networks to make you geographically resilient, and bespoke tariffs that provide the most value. Whatever your business is, our experts can create a cost-effective package based on your exact requirements.

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"Intercity aren’t just a supplier, they’re a partner. The relationship we’ve built has grown over the short period we’ve worked together, and I’ve been able to call on them to deliver solutions within tight timeframes, and they’ve always delivered."

Chris Froes, Service Desk Manager


24/7 self-serve portal

Your business day can stretch outside 9-5 hours, so you’ll be able to access our customer portal at any time.

  • Monitor user activity and usage at a glance through the main dashboard, and go deeper by examining itemised usage
  • Manage your users, subscriptions and overall spend easily – turn features on and off, activate unused SIMs, apply bars and more
  • Receive custom alerts when you’re close to exceeding usage thresholds
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Bespoke tariffs and network flexibility

We’re an independent service provider, which means we can tailor your tariffs to you – we don’t simply resell standard network packages

  • Pay only for the airtime and data you need – no more, no less
  • Activate SIM cards across various networks to ensure optimum coverage for all users
  • Scale your allowances up and down as your business requires it

Multi-level security capability

On-the-go workforces and the rise of remote working policies mean that mobile security is always paramount. We take care of that.

  • Protect your devices and your data by combining mobile device management with mobile threat defence
  • Execute your mobile strategy without security worries – whether it’s BYOD, CYOD or COPE, we can help
  • Take advantage of our cybersecurity expertise to protect your wider IT infrastructure and devices

Customer service and proactive support

We look after all things mobile while you look after the day-to-day running of your business. Just like it should be.

  • Have a dedicated customer service manager who handles your account
  • Receive regular service reviews to ensure that you’re getting the most value and functionality from your plan
  • Communicate with us however suits you best: over the phone, via email or through the customer portal

Frequently asked questions

Which networks do you offer?
Vodafone logo

If you’re based in and around just one location, we’ll advise on the network that offers the best value and the best coverage for that area. If you’re spread over several locations, we’ll explain the best networks for each one, and we’ll provide a multi-network package for you.

We were one of the first Vodafone business providers way back at the dawn of mobile technology, and we’ve built and maintained strong network relationships in the time since.

What tariffs do you offer?

We’re not a reseller or dealer, so we tailor tariffs to your exact requirements, and these can change whenever you want them to. We aren’t a middle-man, and we don’t deal with any – you’ll always talk directly to us.

We make these efforts because, in our view, you should pay for what you need and what you use – and nothing more. You shouldn’t have to compromise to fit into a certain cost bracket. Talk to us, and we’ll find a package that suits you.

What level of customer service do you offer?

Our customer service is proactive and preemptive, not reactive. We avoid problems before they even get chance to become problems.

For example, we won’t wait for you to exceed a usage threshold – we’ll let you know in good time and offer a cost-effective solution, such as adding more airtime or data to your plan for the month.

You can also reach us whenever you need support, because we understand that your business never really closes.

Do you have a customer portal?

Yes, and you can access it 24/7.

It gives you everything you need to manage your mobile strategy: a dashboard to show user activity at a glance; all of your invoices in one place (summary and itemised); subscription management for controlling user access and launching new functions and features; custom alerts for usage thresholds; a full range of reports and insights.

Do you offer mobile device management?

Yes. We’re partnered with Airwatch for mobile device management (MDM), and Wandera for mobile threat defence (MTD) – giving you robust mobile protection that helps to keep your network and your data safe.

In the age of remote working, BYOD, CYOD and COPE policies, it’s easier than ever for unsecured devices to be compromised – so we make sure yours can’t be.

Application management, access restriction, feature control, enforced use of passcodes, remote lock-and-wipe – and plenty more. We’ve made every consideration and offer them all to you.

Our thinking on business mobility


Let’s talk about your mobile needs

A business mobile plan from Intercity will equip your people to work productively and securely from anywhere. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll find a solution that fits your business and your budget.

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