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Device security wherever your people are

Securely connect and communicate from anywhere

Protect business on the go with mobile security

As corporate mobility and BYOD strategies expand, so does the necessary perimeter of protection. Secure your full fleet of business devices at both a device and data level. Mobile Device Management (MDM) with Airwatch operates on the device itself; securing applications, configuring and enforcing passwords. Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) with Wandera, meanwhile, monitors network connections and content in real-time, and identifies anomalies to ensure any malicious activity is proactively blocked. Combined, you get a holistic, multi-level security solution.

Exceptional visibility and control

It’s impossible to secure your devices with guesswork. Our unique MDM and MTD solutions work in unison to give you multi-level visibility and control over devices, applications, data and networks.

Block malicious activity at the source

Airwatch can detect a rogue profile configuration, so Wandera then alerts admins and end users, blocking relevant traffic across both app and browsers.

Continual scanning and analysis

Wandera’s insights can detect if a hacker is attempting an attack, so AirWatch restricts compromised devices, blocks network access or selectively wipe corporate data.

Full flexibility and reporting

With Wandera, your administrators are always just a few clicks away from the data they need to take action quickly, giving you more flexibility and control.

Monitor mobile devices from anywhere

AirWatch allows you to centrally control, monitor and manage large fleets of the latest devices with the most comprehensive mobility ecosystem in the industry, easily integrating with your existing infrastructure.

“Intercity has provided us with a platform for greater efficiency, cost effectiveness and reliability. We are 100% happy with their service and would highly recommend them to other charities and businesses.”

Bernard Logan

Nugent Care, Purchasing Manager

Empower your people to work securely from anywhere

With both MDM and MTD, our holistic mobile security solution provides you with a high-level view of an entire mobile device fleet, as well as providing you individual device, network and data level protection. Wandera and AirWatch work together flawlessly to maintain enterprise mobile security and data management.

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