MPLS: Securing Your Business

Price plays a big part when considering a purchase on any scale, and can be the tipping factor on most decisions.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) has been overlooked by businesses for many years, due to the price tag it is rumoured to have. When in reality, the price of an MPLS network can actually save you money, and more importantly, time and stress! The misconceived perception of MPLS has resulted in business’ settling for less secure, less manageable, and less time efficient solutions.

MPLS is a private network, dedicated to you

The benefits of MPLS are felt most by larger companies, who have several sites dotted around the UK. Realistically, when businesses of a larger scale use different network solutions, they are seeing their branches as separate. With MPLS, you can view your company as a whole, and bring together the branches through your very own private network.  When then incorporating a VOIP telephony platform, all your telecommunication bills could be simplified into one bill for the whole company. After all, who needs more paper work, and more bills? MPLS also has an International reach, meaning we are able to connect your sites that aren’t even in the UK, into your network.

An MPLS network can also be of benefit to companies with plans for growth that have a new location in the pipeline. Not having to setup a whole new architecture at a new site, and instead just extending your current situation, makes for a much easier move. An MPLS network can provide you with the ability to handle several locations, no matter how many miles away. This effectively could be seen as employing one man to do one job, rather than ten men to do one job- No Brainer!

In today’s world, security is everything, and an MPLS network provides just that. Being a private network solution, it means that your network is not shared with anybody and does not use the public internet to connect, so that it would be harder to access your data. This alone makes your infrastructure a tough cookie to crack, making for a more secure environment for the company. The security that an MPLS can provide to your business is undoubtedly a major selling point, as what is more important than keeping your secrets, secret?

As you have your own private network, you will essentially be higher up the food chain. This means that if ever there are any problems, there are SLA’s in place to identify a resolution within no time. With MPLS combining all sites together, disaster recovery becomes a reality. Putting the bulk of your essential data applications within the core of the network, means that your connectivity provider looks after it all instead of you. So instead of feeding it through to your offices from one of your key locations, you can avoid disasters in the event of that site going down. As your business as a whole is not dependable on one site location, it means that you could still access your vital applications from your other sites. After all – the show must go on!

When weighing up MPLS, you should really ask yourself, can you actually put a price on security, reliability and flexibility? The answer should be no, especially when MPLS is only a fraction of the price you would expect. Don’t be blinded by the mythical price, and please contact us for more information.

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