Securing the mobile office

Advances in mobile technology have evolved the way we do business, and work doesn’t have to be somewhere people go anymore, it can simply be something they do. The workplace is no longer confined to the office, meaning big changes in how corporate data is accessed, used and protected.

Keeping your workforce connected is crucial, especially when employees are working from home, in a different city or even abroad. But although remote working can increase productivity and facilitate communication within a business, it also means that important corporate data is more vulnerable than ever – if mobile security isn’t properly managed.

Since employees use mobile devices to access the corporate system, they may be saving important passwords on them, storing emails containing sensitive information or even saving corporate data directly to their devices. And this can pose a massive security risk.

Imagine the consequences of a corporate device being left on the train or stolen when someone is out and about. Scenarios like this can leave businesses vulnerable to a data breach, compromising corporate information and the integrity of a business.

It’s therefore important that businesses implement several layers of mobile security to ensure their devices, the data they hold and the systems they connect to are safeguarded from these threats. For example, one simple but effective security measure is the use of an authorisation system that only allows approved users to access the corporate network or important information via a mobile device. In the instance of a device being lost or stolen, any corporate data will be protected from any unauthorised users.

Strong password generators and the use of two-factor authentication also help to prevent unauthorised access to corporate data and stop malware from being installed on a device. While application security offers protection for employees on the move, by identifying and flagging any potentially malicious applications.

Mobilising a business can ensure that employees are constantly connected and gives them the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time. This can significantly improve the overall productivity of an organisation, but in order to fully reap the benefits of mobile working, and protect their sensitive information, it is important that businesses have an effective mobile security strategy in place.

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